Effective functioning of an institution can be gauged by the policies and practices it has evolved in the matter of planning human resources, recruitment, training, performance appraisal, financial management and the overall role of leadership.

Key Indicators :

6.1 Institutional Vision and Leadership

6.2 Strategy Development and Deployment

6.3 Faculty Empowerment Strategies

6.4 Financial Management and Resource Mobilization

6.5 Internal Quality Assurance System (IQAS)

SSR Supporting Files

6.1.1 Governance and Leadership is in accordance with vision and mission View
6.2.1 Functioning of HEI is effective and efficient View
6.2.2 Implementation of e-Governance in areas of operation View
6.3.1 Welfare Measure and Appraisal System View
6.3.2 Percentage of teacher provided with financial support View
6.3.3 Percentage of teaching and non-teaching staff participating in FDP View Organising FDP View
6.4.1 Financial Management and Resource Mobilization View
6.5.1 IQAC initiatives and significant contributions View
6.5.2 Quality Assurance Initiatives of The Institution View